Five things parents love most about Learning Time A+ Program! (Five reasons you should invest in it)

What parents say about Learning Time A+ ProgramPrintNow that we have feedback from hundreds of our customers from around the world, we know what they like most about Learning Time A+ Program:

  1. It makes them better teachers for their child. Most parents know that they are the first and most important teachers for their child, and the home is the most important place of learning. But not many parents know what to teach, how to teach and what material to use. The A+ Program makes it easy!
  2. It allows them to spend quality time with their child. Many parents don’t know what to do when they are with their child. The A+ Program provides an opportunity to talk, read, play, watch and listen with your child… while having fun and stimulating her development! Parents who have a full time job can also ensure that whatever time they get with their child is quality time!
  3. It provides entertainment and education at the same time. No need to separate playtime and learning time. The talking books, songs, videos and games from the A+ Program make it possible for kids to learn while playing and having fun. So there’s no need to spend on toys, games, gadgets and videos that have no educational value.
  4. It saves them the trouble to find the best material for their child, that are age-appropriate, interactive and affordable at the same time. The A+ Program covers all three essentials for a child’s success in school and life i.e. awareness, abilities and attitudes. And different parts can be used at different stages of development, from new-born up to the age of 10 or more!
  5. It makes their child smarter! We are hearing it again and again from parents, that kids have improved their reading, vocabulary, language, math, manners, behavior… increased their knowledge and confidence… much better, easier and faster than other kids of the same age.

What’s more, the A+ Program is available from most distributors on easy monthly payments; it comes with a customized bookshelf and 5-year free access to the new Learning Time Online Portal… not to mention, free home delivery and free parenting sessions for customers! As one parent said, ‘We got a lot more out of this program than we had expected!’


Free Updates and New Content for Learning Time Eltee Pad users!

Eltee Pad Updates

Learning Time launched Eltee Pad exactly a year ago with the super-enhanced A+ Program. During just one year, the Eltee Pad has gone through three rounds of updates. The major enhancements include:

Improved Hardware:

  • CPU upgraded from Dual Core to 1.2GHz Quad-Core for faster processing!
  • Operating system upgraded to Android 4.4!
  • Improved front and back camera!
  • Bluetooth connectivity added!

Additional Accessories:

  • HDMI convertor added to help connect Eltee Pad to your TV monitor!
  • DC charging cable and plug added, as an option other than the USB cable!
  • Improved USB charging cable!

New Content:

  • Time to Learn: 25 quiz questions added for each book, so now there are 50 questions per book and a total of 750 questions!
  • Learning Values with Lucy & Wiz: New languages added regularly, and now stories can be heard in seven languages!
  • Bonus Apps: We started with five bonus apps and now there are nine!
  • Utility Apps: A whole suite of utility apps has been added, including Word, Excel, PDF Reader and Gmail.

And here’s the best part: All the updates are absolutely free for all existing customers! And downloading updates is as easy as 1-2-3. When connected to wifi you will see the update notification; say ‘yes’ to update; done! For any questions or issues regarding your Eltee Pad, please write to us using this link.

Eltee Pad comes with Discover English with Ben & Bella and includes audio, video and games from all the components of the A+ Program. In case you haven’t seen this awesome program from Learning Time, please request a free presentation now.

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Expanded 20-Step Guide for Discover English with Ben & Bella from Learning Time!

Expanded Guide for BBL

Discover English with Ben & Bella continues to be one of our top-selling products, particularly after the launch of the new edition in 2015, with ‘books that talk and sing’ and the Eltee Pad with a huge amount of audio, video and games from the entire A+ Program! Based on feedback from our consultants and customers, we are happy to provide an expanded “20-Step Guide” which provides detailed suggestions on how to use the various components of the program most effectively.

Please feel free to download by clicking on the image, or from this link.

Customized Eltee Bookshelf for the Learning Time A+ Program

Eltee Bookshelf by Learning TimeLearning Time A+ Program is probably the only kids’ educational package that comes with a tailor-made bookshelf!

  • It comes with an Assembling Guide with simple step-by-step instructions.
  • It makes the program easily and immediately accessible to your child.
  • It’s made of durable fibreboard, so it lasts years of use.
  • It’s beautifully designed in child-friendly yellow and green colors.
  • The size (60 x 113 x 24 cm) is very practical and takes up a small space.

Another good reason to invest in the Learning Time A+ Program! Request your free presentation and a free parenting booklet now.

New from Learning Time: “Quotes to Start the Day”!

Quotes to Start the Day from Learning Time

Inspire your child to become great!

  • 55 inspiring quotes on 36 topics e.g. ambition, character, courage, enthusiasm, failure, persistence, possibilities, reading, risk-taking, sacrifice, self-respect, temper, trustworthiness…
  • Detailed guide and activities for parents and teachers to help children engage with an important idea, challenge them to relate to their own lives and reflect upon their experiences…
  • Every quote provides a brief introduction of the person who said it, including Walt Disney, Henry Ford, JK Rowling, Bruce Lee, Michael Jordan, Franklin Roosevelt, Mark Twain, Helen Keller…

This product is one of the ‘customer gifts’ from Learning Time. That means it’s only available as a free gift with the A+ Program, and not for sale. Request a free presentation of the A+ Program and find out about the current offers by your local distributor.

Save Our World: Another great ‘gift product’ from Learning Time!

Save Our World by Learning Time

Help your child develop an awareness of our environment and how to save it!

  • 6 hardcover books introduce the most pressing environment issues using up-to-date content and stunning images
  • ‘Eye Opener’ sections present amazing facts to capture your child’s interest
  • ‘Question Time’ asks related questions to help further your child’s understanding
  • Recommended website are provided for further research and learning
  • A complete glossary at the end of each book explains difficult words

This product is one of the ‘customer gifts’ from Learning Time. That means it’s only available as a free gift with the A+ Program, and not for sale. Request a free presentation of the A+ Program and find out about the current offers by your local distributor.

Discover English with Ben & Bella: New and Enhanced Learning-Time-Edition!

Discover English with Ben & Bella

Discover English with Ben & Bella has been one of the top-selling products ever since we started marketing it about three years ago. We are proud to acquire design, printing and packaging rights, along with expanded marketing rights for over 12 countries! So what’s new in the Learning-Time-edition of Ben & Bella:

  • Brand-new design, making the product and its components even more irresistible to kids!
  • All six storybooks now ‘talk and sing’ to your child with the help of the Eltee Pen – which comes with Time to Learn!
  • Enlarged flashcards to make them useful even for babies!
  • More comprehensive User Guide to help you make the best of every components of the program!
  • Version 2 of the Eltee Pad (in less than a year of launching the Version 1)! Some of the enhancements include:
    • New applications: Adobe Reader, Word, Excel, Gmail and Chrome!
    • All six languages for the audio stories of Learning Values with Lucy and Wiz: English, Arabic, Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilokano and Hiligaynon!
    • Three additional bonus apps for kids, so now nine in total!
    • An HDMI adapter so you can easily connect your Eltee Pad to the TV screen using a standard HDMI cable!
    • A charger so you can start using the Eltee Pad right out of the box!
    • Improved quality of the charging cables, making it more durable!
  • Improved and more user-friendly packaging:
    • Learning Time signature slipcases for better protection and organization of the books
    • A zipper pouch to keep all 30 DVDs and CDs safe and in one place
    • A sturdier box to keep the 300 flashcards safe and in one place
    • Improved packaging of the Eltee Pad: separate box for the accessories, more protection for the Eltee Pad

Please review the product page to read about all the benefits and components of the program, download a product leaflet to share with family and friends or see the feedback from parents using the program!

The management and product development teams of Learning Time work very closely with the distributors and sales teams, and even makes customer calls/visits to know first-hand what’s working and what’s not. We produce small quantities, compromising on our margins, so we can implement improvements faster, and always deliver top-class products to our customers.

[Click on these thumbnails to see bigger images. We have intentionally used low-res images for faster downloads.]

BBL leaflet   More apps2 BBL levels  Eltee Pad1  Eltee Pad2  Bonus Apps  More Apps1  HDMI adapter

The new “Time for Math” from Learning Time!

Time for Math from Learning Time

Time for Math has been one of our top-selling products ever since it was developed and launched about three years ago. It’s a very interactive 6-level program that includes course books, activity books, CD-ROMs, songs book/CD, board games and pair cards! The program helps develop a strong foundation in math at an early age. And we have just made it even better. What’s new?

  • A new, more child-friendly and modern design makes the program even more irresistible to kids!
  • The addition of a beautiful baby abacus that works with all six levels of the program and further enhances the understanding of numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division!
  • The addition of a 50-piece jigsaw puzzle to help develop logical thinking, problem solving and motor skills!
  • The Eltee Math Kit is a sturdy colourful box to keep all the supplementary material safe and in one place!
  • A fully updated and more comprehensive User Guide to help you make the best of all the components of the program!

Time for Math is clearly the most comprehensive, interactive and modern math program available for today’s kids! You may read more about all the components, features and benefits here.

Books of Time for MathJigsaw Puzzle of Time for MathBaby Abacus of Time for MathUser Guide of Time for Math

Learning Time Launches a Super-Enhanced A+ Program!

Learning Time A+ Program

What’s new?

  • The Eltee Pad. It’s your child’s first tablet computer that comes fully loaded with educational content. It also provides most of the audio, video and game contents of the A+ Program, plus bonus apps, wifi connectivity, Internet browser, camera, calendar, alarm, calculator and more! The Eltee Pad is now a part of Discover English with Ben & Bella.
  • Learning Values with Lucy & Wiz. A brand-new series of 15 stories, graded by age, that builds the right attitudes, introduces cultures of the world and provides great resources for successful parenting. The Eltee Pen helps listen to the stories in six different languages, and more languages are being added!
  • New Time for Math. This already-popular math program has been further enhanced with a new more child-friendly look and the addition of two new components: a beautiful abacus that works with all six levels and a 50-piece jigsaw puzzle. All the CD-ROMs, board games, flash cards and other supplementary material are now packed in a sturdy Eltee Math Kit box!
  • New Eltee Pen. This comes with enhanced packaging, improved sound quality, longer power cable, and a more comprehensive User Manual!

The A+ Program has already been launched in 8 countries, with attractive pricing, easy monthly payments and new gift offers! And it’s coming soon to the rest of the world. Stay tuned for more information about all the components of the A+ Program.

You may request a free presentation through this link. And please check out our Facebook page for daily inspiration on parenting.

Happy Halloween from Learning Time!

Happy Halloween from Learning Time


The above spread is taken from the book People and Places of the series Time to Learn.

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