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Learning Time A+ Program now available in Pakistan!

  • Help Your Child ExcelMake the best of the early years of your child
  • Prepare your child for school
  • Develop a habit of reading and a love of learning
  • Build the essential awareness, abilities and attitude
  • Get a free parenting booklet with a free presentation
  • Easy monthly payments available




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Mr. Abbas Husain, Director of Teacher’s Development Centre (Pakistan) recommends Learning Time:

Abbas Husain recommends Learning Time programImagine a world where parents do not know all, where children have access to more knowledge, faster. Imagine gadgets being in the reach of very young children. Imagine parents feeling totally helpless before this avalanche of videos, pictures, news, factoids coming at them 24/7, from an ever-increasing diversity of sources.

Now imagine a set of books, toys and a tablet that makes sense of it all. That offers knowledge in a thematic and colorful manner. That perfectly matches what the child seeks to know and needs to know.

The Learning Times A+ Program is that set! You are making the best decision in having this set for your children… because it is so useful to yourself!”

Read the full article here. Watch Mr. Husain’s interview here.


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The Citizen FoundationLearning Time Pakistan is a proud supporter of The Citizen Foundation. TCF is a professionally managed, non-profit organization set up in 1995 by a group of citizens concerned with the dismal state of education in Pakistan. It is now one of Pakistan’s leading organizations in the field of formal education. As of 2015, TCF has established 1060 purpose-built school units nationwide with an enrolment of 165,000 students. TCF encourages female enrolment and strives to maintain a 50% female ratio in most of its campuses. TCF has a full female faculty of 8,900 members.



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