Learning Time A+ Program now available in the Philippines!

  • Help Your Child ExcelMake the best of the early years of your child
  • Prepare your child for school
  • Develop a habit of reading and a love of learning
  • Build the essential awareness, abilities and attitude
  • Help Your Child Excel!
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Rene and Flor Yanos of Learning Time PhilippinesLearningway Enterprises is the exclusive distributor for Learning Time in the Philippines. The company was formed by Mr. Rene D Yanos, former country head of an American multi-national publishing company. Rene has over 30 years of experience in marketing educational products in Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. He has represented many well-known brands including Britannica and Grolier, and was attracted to Learning Time due to the ‘comprehensive package, modern products, excellent support system and the localised version’.

The company is based in Metro-Manila with regional offices and sales teams in Calamba, Cebu and Davao, and continues to expand. Learning Time A+ Program is now in use by more than 500 Kindergartens and Day Care Centers in various parts of Matro Manila and Luzon! Learningway provides excellent part-time opportunities for moms and career opportunities for sales professionals.


Ms. Flocerfida Babida recommends Learning Time A+ Program for all Kindergartens and Day Care Centers!

Mrs. Flocerfida Babida has been responsible for all important purchases in the Paranaque City for more than 34 years, and she was instrumental in getting the programs into many Kindergartens and Day Care Centers. Here’s what she said:

IMG_5674During the last 34 years I have seen all kinds of educational material but nothing came even close to the Learning Time program. First I bought one for my grandson who is only eight months, and saw how interesting and engaging the program is. He loves the books and the Eltee Pen, and can already recognize many animals and their sounds! We have received positive feedback from many kindergartens, and are happy to know that thousands of children are now benefiting from this wonderful program! (Read the full story here)



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