Discover English with Ben & Bella

Discover English with Ben & Bella

Help your child learn English through this exciting audiovisual program!

Key benefits of Discover English with Ben & Bella:

  • Teaches spoken English with correct diction and pronunciation
  • Develops language ability and digital skills in an easy and child-friendly way
  • The songs, karaoke and dance-along develop an early appreciation for music and get children really involved in the program
  • Enhances social and emotional skills
  • Introduces concepts of numbers, shapes, colors, position, direction and time
  • Builds a useful vocabulary of over 1000 words
  • Sharpens listening skills; helps with correct pronunciation
  • Encourages quality time with children; strengthens parent-child bonding

It consists of:

  • Ben & Bella by Learning TimeEltee Pad. Your child’s first tablet computer preloaded with all the audio and video content of the program, plus additional content from the other components of the A+ Program!
  • 18 DVDs that capture children’s imagination and immerse them into real life situations, teaching them how to listen, talk, sing and dance
  • 6 ‘video books’ help with reading, listening and correct pronunciation.
  • 6 hardcover full-color storybooks, that introduce children to correct language and grammar. All the pages of these books talk and sing to your child, with the help of the Eltee Pen!
  • 6 softcover full-color activity books to help develop writing, drawing and coloring skills
  • 6 CD-ROMs with 360 games that reinforce the language and introduce children to computers
  • 6 softcover sticker books to provide added activities, fun and reinforcement
  • 300 flashcards to teach spellings and usage of the most essential words
  • A User Guide to explain the components and how to make the best use of the program

Useful links:

  • Learning Time Eltee PadRequest a free presentation, without any obligations whatsoever
  • Download a single-page leaflet of Discover English with Ben & Bella
  • Download a 5-page catalogue of Discover English with Ben & Bella
  • View a trailer and sample videos of Discover English with Ben & Bella
  • Review some of the testimonials from existing users

Important note: The content of Discover English with Ben & Bella is owned by WVG Medien GmbH (Germany). Learning Time has design, printing, packaging and marketing rights in selected countries. Please check with your local distributor about availability.

Discover English with Ben & Bella by Learning Time


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