20 Trainers Graduated from the First “Trainer’s Certification Program” by Learning Time!

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Learning Time successfully concluded their first “Trainer’s Certification Program” with 20 graduates! It’s the only program of its kind in the direct-sales and publishing industry because it covered way more than ‘training’ e.g.

  • The most efficient ways of hiring talented people
  • How to train effectively and convert new hires into productive consultants
  • Implementation of Learning Time Customer Service standards across all offices
  • Harnessing the power of social media to reach out to more parents and help more children excel

Learning Time may already be the biggest publisher and marketer of early learning products in Asia, with distributors in 18 countries, active sales teams in 14 countries, branch offices in 23 cities! And the biggest contributors to this phenomenal growth in just three years are a) excellent products, which are high-quality but affordable, b) distributors and leaders that are passionate about helping children excel and c) top-class customer service standards!

Do you know any entrepreneurs who may want to become distributors for new markets, or fresh graduates looking for a career in sales, or full-time moms looking for part-time jobs? Do them a favour and direct them to our Opportunity page.

Learning Time Trainer's Certification Program 1 Learning Time Trainer's Certification Program 2  Learning Time Trainer's Certification Program 4  Learning Time Trainer's Certification Program 3

3 Responses to “20 Trainers Graduated from the First “Trainer’s Certification Program” by Learning Time!”

  1. Waseem Qureshi

    The Learning Time training program was an excellent getting together of the best trainers.
    Great days ahead for Learning Time!

  2. Salima Sachwani

    The Training Program was a great learning experience. 3 days training helped me to enhance my capabilities and I really feel proud to be a part of the world’s best company 🙂

  3. rahm

    The Trainer’s Certification Program was a great opportunity to exchange best practices with representatives in 18 countries around the world. It’s an overwhelming experience to be part of Learning Time. Let’s keep growing!


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