2015 REVERE Award judges praise Learning Values with Lucy & Wiz from Learning Time


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Learning Values with Lucy and Wiz was named 2015 REVERE Award Finalist, as reported in a recent post. We are excited to share what some of the judges said about this product:

“This fantastic series balances content, language accessibility, technology and values to produce a wonderful engaging tool. The series has thought of everything: books are organized by age level, labeled according to a diverse group of nations, available in several languages and address a variety of values. It’s rare that a single series can address so many vectors and do so successfully. For what the books present, they are one of the most effective and accessible set of materials I have ever seen.”

“Lucy and Wiz are such great characters. I liked the books, they were well designed and easy to follow. The colors were bright and pictures were good. The Eltee Pen was easy to use, and I liked that it can be used with a power supply… And I liked hearing the background sounds to go along with the story, it made me feel like I was part of it. The values were well thought. They explained them well, and put them in the right language so that a child could relate with some of the things they may do at home. A nice mix of characters and traditions from around the world… overall a very engaging and thoughtful experience.”

Learning Values with Lucy and Wiz present an exciting, engaging way to learn values. The books are bright, colourful, engaging and accessible via the multi-lingual presentation… The books take a fresh, new approach to Character Education and I believe students will fall in love with the characters because they will be able to relate to their struggles and the lessons they learn.”

Learning Values with Lucy and Wiz is an essential part of Learning Time A+ Program, and it helps children build the right attitudes, develop emotional intelligence and become good human beings. We knew when we created Learning Values with Lucy and Wiz that it was one of a kind. To be recognized for a REVERE Award is further acknowledgement that our products are making a difference for the new generation of learners!

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