6-year-old Ed Kenyon received multiple awards at school due to Learning Time products!

Jasmine Carmona talks about Learning Time

We received another wonderful feedback from a customer in Dubai, and we are so happy to see the amazing results of our products when combined with good parenting:

Ed Kenyon was a very smart baby. At the age of six months, he understood the words ‘open’ and ‘close’ by showing his open or closed hands. He could recognise objects on pictures and knew the names of people around him. So we started exposing him to early learning material from the age of 8 months. By the age of two, he had started reading and he knew the numbers.

Ed is now six years old and a student of grade 1 at the Oxford School in Dubai. Over the year, we have bought a lot of books for him, but nothing comes close to the A+ Program from Learning Time that we bought earlier this year. Ed loved the books and started reading them one by one from Time to Learn, Time for Math, Ben & Bella and Learning Values with Lucy & Wiz. He also spends a lot of time with the Eltee Pen and the Eltee Pad, and gets a tremendous amount of joy and learning through the audiovisual material. At his school, he has been recognised with a lot of awards and certificates, including Best in Reading, #1 in Spellings, Great Behavior, Think Science Speak Science, Well Read and Star of the Month. We believe many of these awards are due to his extensive awareness, abilities and attitudes acquired from the Learning Time program!

-Jasmine and Edgar Carmona. Dubai (United Arab Emirates), May 2015

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