A 5-year old can understand the concepts of measurement when they learn from Learning Time A+ Program!

sheilalyn-tolibas-talks-about-learning-time-a-programWe have twin daughters, Coleen and Arabella, who just turned five. We bought the Learning Time A+ Program earlier this year. We love all the components of the program, because they cover general knowledge, language, math and values. Time to Learn is one of our favorites because both kids and parents can learn so many new things from these books. The Eltee Pen is very helpful in developing their listening skills and correct pronunciation. Both girls also love the Eltee Pad – they watch the videos of Discover English and play math games. Arabella also loves the math songs and dances to the ‘numbers and counting’ song. They both use different parts of the program almost every day after they are back from school, and also on weekends.

After using the A+ Program for just less than a year, we can already see a lot of improvements in them. They are both more alert and active. They have learnt a lot of new words and still learning every day. Coleen recently surprised us with her understanding of measurements even though we haven’t taught her. Arabella has developed a love for books and reading. We highly recommend this program to all parents. This is different from the books that you can buy everywhere – these combine reading, listening, watching, writing, doing and playing!

~Sheilalyn Tolibas, United Arab Emirates (Consultant: Sarah Pascual)

2 Responses to “A 5-year old can understand the concepts of measurement when they learn from Learning Time A+ Program!”

  1. Joseph Abraham

    Another amazing testimonial. Learning Time products are helping thousands of parents in the wholistic development of their children.

  2. Waseem Qureshi

    Amazing to see 5 year olds learning so much from the Learning Time A+ program.
    LT continues to help families!


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