A mom from India amazed at the progress her 3-year old daughter is making through the Learning Time products!

Swati Gupta from India talks about Learning TimeAnother happy mom from Bangalore, sharing her love for Learning Time:

We came across the Learning Time program when our daughter was three years, and we felt bad that we were so late. But we invested in the program and started seeing the benefits right away. She spends a lot of time with these books. She loves the stories from Learning Values with Lucy and Wiz, and relates to the moral from the stories. She enjoys watching the videos from Discover English with Ben & Bella and is improving her English. We can’t believe our 3-year old is talking about skull, spine and cartilage that she learnt from the Time to Learn series. Her vocabulary has improved tremendously, and she can relate so well to objects around her. We are very happy that we are able to provide her with the best. Thanks to Learning Time and it’s amazing A+ Program!

-Swati Gupta, Bangalore (India).


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