A Must-have educational program for kids’, reveals an aware parent from Ghana.

I have two kids; a daughter nearly 5 years old, and a son, around a year and half.
We purchased the Learning Time A+ program in March 2020. The excellent presentation, and the benefits the program promised, persuaded me to go ahead.
My children’s education is something I hold very dear, and this program seemed just what I was looking for.
Both my kids love the Time for English videos and books. They have watched the videos many times over. My son enjoys singing the songs in the videos; even though his speech is still not very clear.
The phase of “ I want to watch cartoons” is gradually phased out for both of them. These videos are watched more avidly than anything else. They are both very comfortable with the Eltee Pen. Their vocabulary has grown by leaps and bounds. My daughter has, in fact, started correcting our pronunciations regularly, and pointing out our mistakes.
I like the way the Time for Math program is structured, and presented. Makes math really fun for kids.
The Help Your Child Excel is a super guide for me; helping me at every stage, and in every way in my parenting role.
Its a must-have educational program for kids; a truly wise investment for them.

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