An Indonesian child transformed from shy and unexpressive to cheerful and confident!

Nikeisha loves Learning TimeWhat a heart-warming story from a mother in Indonesia:

Our daughter Nikeisha was a very shy and unexpressive student during her first year and a half at the Kindergarten. She wouldn’t participate in any activities despite all efforts by us and the teachers.

Then we found Learning Time and started reading to her from Time to Learn and Learning Values with Lucy and Wiz, as bedtime stories. We were amazed at the significant changes that started to happen in just less than a month: Nikeisha turned into a cheerful and confident girl, eager to participate in every activity at school – including sports that she used to be least interested in! She would also tell the stories and information learnt at home, in front of the class. She would also draw pictures to illustrate the story.

There was a ‘Language Month’ event recently organised at the school, where Nikeisha was the winner of story-telling. The teachers said ‘She was able to captivate the audience with her story, and her language was way beyond that of a Kindergarten student!’

We are so thankful to Learning Time! The program has had such a positive impact on our daughter, that we recommend this to every parent.

-Mrs. Mira, Indonesia. November 2015

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Nikeisha1  Nikeisha

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