“As a parent and educator, I strongly recommend Learning Time A+ Program!” Says a mother from Mauritius

Kevina Lutchmanen talks about Learning Time A+ Program

As any concerned parent, we have always tried to help our daughter do well in school. In our endeavour to provide the best educational material to her, we invested in Learning Time A+ Program. We have been using it for just a few months, and we can already see a lot of benefits. Our daughter was not interested in books and used to spend most of her free time in front of the TV. Now, she is very keen to pick up books and read. The A+ Program is helping her develop an awareness of the world around her, and logical thinking! Her English language has improved considerably. She has acquired some very positive values from the stories of Lucy & Wiz. As a parent and educator, I strongly recommend the A+ Program. It will not help your children academically but will also make them better individuals with positive attitudes!


Kevina Lutchmanen, Mauritius.

4 Responses to ““As a parent and educator, I strongly recommend Learning Time A+ Program!” Says a mother from Mauritius”

  1. Waseem Qureshi

    Its seeing families enjoying, benefitting from and recommending the Learning Time A+ program.
    It truly is awesome!

  2. Ketaki Sheth

    Great to get such positive feedback from parents and knowing how A+ program can change the lives of children and making learning fun for them.

  3. Matilda Ansah

    I enjoy reading all the successful outcomes captured in stories formats. Its real, A+ program makes a difference in early childhood learning! Thanks to all the great pacesetters in the Learning Time world.

  4. salima sachwani

    great feedback!
    feeling superb when I see our happy customer positive feedback that our amazing A+ program help children to excel in life 🙂


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