“Ben & Bella program is helping our 18-month old learn English!”

Prebin and Lincy from KuwaitWe are so happy to hear this from a family in Kuwait:

Thanks to Learning Time for Discover English with Ben & Bella. It’s an excellent program for our 18-month old daughter. Geona loves watching the videos and dances along with Ben & Bella, learning the steps very quickly. This interesting program captures her full attention because it’s so interesting! The program is helping her learn English and improve her vocabulary. We are so happy to have this!

Prebin Varghese & Lincy Daniel, Kuwait. July 2015

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One Response to ““Ben & Bella program is helping our 18-month old learn English!””

  1. Matilda Ansah

    Children everywhere love BBL. They have so much fun with Ben and Bella. Its amazing how BBL makes learning English so smooth. Geona, have fun and excel.


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