“Both my children have developed a self-driven approach to learning, due to Learning Time products”, says a professor from Oman!

Prof. Godfrey Katende talks about Learning Time

I bought the Learning Time A+ Program in 2015, for my daughter Mellisah who was four years old at that time. Engaging her with ‘Discover English with Ben & Bella’ greatly helped to improve her English language, living in a foreign country. Soon my three old son Emmanuel started getting interested in the program and began using English words, and with correct pronunciation as produced by the Eltee Pen. Over time, both of them have developed a self-driven approach to learning, as these books, videos and Eltee Pen are good enablers to make that happen!

-Dr. Godfrey Katende, Asst. Prof. Sultan Qaboos University, Oman


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