Customer interviews reveal why parents and kids love Learning Time!

We asked a few customers if they would be willing to tell us about their experience with Learning Time. We didn’t say anything about video recording. We just met them in their house or our office, and asked them a series of questions – about their kids, why they bought Learning Time, how often they use it, what do they like about it, what do their kids like about it, and what are the benefits if any. And we recorded their responses using a small pocket camera – no video crew with sound or light equipment. Just one take, without any scripts or rehearsals, because we wanted to keep it totally honest and as informal as possible. What you see above is a playlist of the first three interviews; more being added.

It’s inspiring to see how one mom started using the program before her baby was born while another when her son was five and wished she had bought it sooner; see how this program is helping some parents spend more quality time with their kids, how one of the husbands is proud that her wife bought this even though without his knowledge; hear how kids are developing a love of learning, essential skills and good behavior as a result of this program… You may use the dropdown menu at the top left of the screen to choose from the interviews.

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