‘Dear Dad’. Heart-warming tributes and childhood memories of fathers.


1. Anju Periyathi

My Father – My Guiding Light

All my life I have been closest to my father. If I can think even 10% of how he thinks then my life will be a success. He is epitome of patience and modern thinking. In-spite of me being a rebel my dad has always been with me. He never used to correct me but gave me the freedom to do wrong and learn from it. Dad can go to any extent to make sure nothing lowers my confidence level or demotivate me.

I recall one of my vacations when dad was home and I was playing outside and something happened and I fell unconscious. When I gained consciousness there were at least 20-30 people peeping through window, door and some were even inside our house. I was totally hazed and dint recall what had happen. I saw people looking at me and giggling and my dad just asked everybody to leave. I actually had a bad fall and my left shoulder and arm was totally scratched. Dad took me to doctor got ice-cream for me and was making every possible attempt to make me feel better. He never told me what had exactly happened and how did I fall unconscious. After a week when I went to play one of my friends narrated to me the entire incident. It seems 2 dogs were fighting near our play area and all of a sudden one of the dogs ran towards me and went between my legs and I fell J Not just fell I fell unconscious!!! How silly and stupid is that! I never understood why my dad dint tell this to me for quite sometime. But now I understand he dint wanted me to feel ashamed of myself he dint wanted me to stop going out and playing he dint wanted me to be in my shell. He has made me brave enough to accept the fact that I fell unconscious because of a dog J Dad has always encouraged me to face the world and be brave and not think about things that can pull me down.

Right from telling bed time stories, playing with me, being with me during my first attempt of cooking (which I eventually screwed up by spilling the egg on my dress J) to taking difficult decisions in life my dad has been with me. I have never ever seen him giving up on anything. Even when I was diagnosed with cancer he stood strong by me taking care of me, making all kind of juices and soups and when he ran out of recipes he tried his hand on internet to get some delicious recipes for me. Indeed a big thing for a person who dint know how to operate computer. I knew he was shattered because of my illness but not even a single time have I seen tears in his eyes. In fact when he saw me breaking down emotionally he encouraged me to start working while my treatment was going on. It is because of his efforts that I am back to life again. Blessed to have a dad who gave me birth not once but twice.

Best Regards,


1. Joseph

love my Dad sooooo much…







2. Saif Zisha:

Father’s are someone you look upto growing up. I’m glad and thankful to have a father who has raised me and taught me to be hardworking, kind and honest. He grew up in a time when if you weren’t majoring in science, you weren’t considered good enough. I remember him being busy working, but he made sure he’d take time out to spend time with family. I can’t express the widespread knowledge I have gained from him. Starting from scratch, dedicating his life to educating and making a difference in every child’s life; today we know this brand as Learning Time. He has always been a strong and supportive father while most importantly being patient. This might sound cliché, but you truly are my role model in every aspect of life and a beautiful human being.



3. Revathi :

The daughters all seem to be Daddy’s girls

My Father❤
“FATHER” what a wonderful word which gives you courage and complete strength.
That’s the same with my FATHER. He is my strength and my hero forever.
He is a super enthusiastic person who never gets tired of his duties. I seriously admire his determination and perfection on everything he does. My dad has taught me a great lesson at very young age that NEVER EVER GIVE UP at any circumstances “Daddy will be always there with you”.
It’s been 24 years.. still my dad calls me regularly to ask if I had my breakfast and lunch and since now I’ve been in Dubai one extra call to drink lots of water as well
I always be running around him calling daddy..daddy..daddy.. for no reason which even happened yesterday
I couldn’t stop laughing when typing this…
He has never got tired of my madness for soo many years…I love you daddy.. I have never told this to you but I’m aware that you know how much I admire you and love you
Stay young and happy as always..
Happy Father’s Day APPA❤

4. Harshita:

My Dad, My Guiding Star, My Strength (Dr.Satish Kumar Gupta, Retired Prof, Agro Economics)

My father didn’t tell me how to live. He lived and let me watch him do it.
I grew up in a joint family, where all uncles, aunts, parents and grandparents stayed together. There was loads of fun but challenges too, and my dad, being the oldest kept everyone together in harmony, binding us with love – one of the key ingredients for success in such a large family. He worked alongside his own father to shoulder all responsibilities, whether it was education, work or wedding for his siblings and continued even after my Grand dad passed away. His selfless love and care taught my brother and I many valuable life lessons
Thanks to him I learned the value of hard work, honesty and saving for a better tomorrow. It’s no brainer- Economics was and continues to be his favorite subject.
Though our family was conservative, my father treated me like a boy for the first 10 years of my life. You’d see me with short hair and boyish clothes, flying kites, playing cricket and marbles with other boys. I was a fussy eater but my father had the patience to keep going till I finished eating. He even fed me during exams to save on my study time. Every Saturday, he oiled my hair, an activity that he is still happy to continue even today
He was always very helpful to his family and friends and people still look up to him with respect and enjoy his company. I have never seen him taking side of wrong or disrespecting someone who has wronged him. In spite of all hardships, he gave me the best education as he knew my capabilities and wanted to enhance them through best medium available. I was always a rank holder and he took great pride in talking about me, praising/introducing me to his friends/colleagues.
Last Month he was diagnosed with Prostate cancer and fortunately due to its early detection, he could get timely treatment in Ambani hospital (Mumbai)and it was removed, but he concealed everything from me so that I won’t panic or worry about him, when everything went well, then he informed me after a week of having surgery.
He is truly ‘My HERO’ a hero who is strong, has a heart of Gold and responsible yet not ashamed to cook, do laundry, or other household chores.
Dad I am truly grateful to have you in my life and thank you for enduring every pain and raising me to be a better person. I miss you and your lovely morning massages, Bajaj scooter rides and the bedtime stories. I try to do similar things with Aarav now and I know you will be proud of me. I love you loads and wish you always, a very blessed, happy and healthy life.
Forever yours, Harshu

5. Shalini:

My Father, My Teacher

You cannot call him a role model, you cannot call him, the world’s richest man or the world’s best husband and father, but, and, inspite of all this, I call him, ‘daddy’
Breaking all stereotype rules that surrounded men at the time, my daddy still survives and thrives. His consistent approach to life has taught me and my brothers many life lessons, some of which, we may have never been exposed to, had he not been in our lives.
Who says men can’t cook – my daddy made the most amazing kheema matar (mince with green peas), makes me salivate just thinking about it.
Respect oneself and others, be fiercely independent but be good too, and most of all be patient – oh we learnt all that and more through the various challenges that he exposed us to.
Today I am not just a daughter, I am a sister, wife, mother and friend – so many diversified roles to play in the society. Age has definitely made me wiser than I was, but those precious lessons that my daddy taught me early in life, help me even today. I can proudly say to the world, my daddy made me a better person.
I pay a tribute to all the men who are sons and fathers. May you be blessed, not just for father’s day but everyday, forever

6. Aditi Shah:

Daddy’s LiL Girl

While I was starting to write about my father , I was thinking what should be the title but this one is the apt one as I will always be his lil girl (though not physically coz now I m a giant girl )

Jokes apart from these 28 years ( my age revealed) everyday spent with him has been a learning for me. Right from making me learn maths in an entertaining loving way (he being M.Sc in Maths and Physics) which I don’t often see people loving it ‘to’ handing me sanitary napkins whenever I got my periods. Yes, u read it correctly I do share a ‘motherly’ bond with my dad.

I always saw others dad to be very strong but I have learnt that it is okay to be sensitive even if u are a ‘Man’ ( He being so sensitive that he could not even attend anyone’s cremation or else will fall sick the very next day). I have seen him cry in front of his mother and father which taught me how strong emotional connection he had with them and also that he used to take care of his parents till their last days (my grandparents passed away in 2016 -17).

He is ofcourse an ocean of emotions but not to forget that he fought with the whole world when I had to go work in a different state (as I m the ‘only’ & ‘girl’ child to them , relatives n even grandparents were against to send me out to work) but yes then due to that I am an independent and a different girl all together today.
I was lucky enough to get a chance to work with UNICEF (And i feel the credit only goes to my parents , especially dad who served for so many people in his life free of cost though it was a professional help)

I can’t thank god enough that he gave me him as my DAD whom i want for rest of my births. (DAD’s are underrated many a times but let’s make the best of the opportunity this time to write about them)
Happy Father’s Day. I love u Pappa

Thanks Shalini for motivating me to write about my Dad!

7. Divya Varghese:

Dad….A word full of emotions….For me, my dad is my world..He was away while I grew up but his presence was felt each and every second. He did not preach nor did he give lectures. All he did was to do small sets of example and we just followed them. I never realized the values he instilled in us till the moment I started my life independently. He never appreciated us but we know he is very proud of us. He was a.shadow who watched our backs and read through us more than anyone else..He cried, he was sensitive, he was weak …..but when we needed him, he was always there.

My dad taught me the most important lesson of my life..and till now both are engraved in me. He showed my why family is the most.important and to use money wisely…He showed me.by his own life how he saved each bit of penny yet was never stingy and how he is leading a happy retirement life. He kept my mom the most happy woman on the earth and still we know they are our examples for a perfect couple. My dad is my everything…Bec he didn’t preach me.
.He showed it to me…love you dad…He raised me like a princess and I am still his princess….


1. Kweku

I will want to do something a bit unconventional. This is a very common phenomenon in most parts of the world where fathers are really not present in the life of their kids and at adulthoold they will want to be seen/heard/felt.

Growing up I have had a lot of quarrels with my father over what I thought should be “fathering” and what should not and for almost a decade we didn’t see each other or heard from each other. At a point in my life I had to accept him how he was and grow into loving him that way.

It later became a guide for me on how to be present and very present in the life of my son and daughter. From the very moment the doctor said I was going to be a father, the care for the foetus till birth and beyond has been critical to me. I don’t want to fight my way into the life of my Kids when they become adults and I think with the right guide and steps they will be amazing adults with my direct involvement in their care.

I think this is how the generation after us will become better people, devoid of prejudice for men and Fathers.

Happy Father’s day to all Men and a special one to all those making meaningful strides for their families.

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