Discover English with Ben & Bella: New and Enhanced Learning-Time-Edition!

Discover English with Ben & Bella

Discover English with Ben & Bella has been one of the top-selling products ever since we started marketing it about three years ago. We are proud to acquire design, printing and packaging rights, along with expanded marketing rights for over 12 countries! So what’s new in the Learning-Time-edition of Ben & Bella:

  • Brand-new design, making the product and its components even more irresistible to kids!
  • All six storybooks now ‘talk and sing’ to your child with the help of the Eltee Pen – which comes with Time to Learn!
  • Enlarged flashcards to make them useful even for babies!
  • More comprehensive User Guide to help you make the best of every components of the program!
  • Version 2 of the Eltee Pad (in less than a year of launching the Version 1)! Some of the enhancements include:
    • New applications: Adobe Reader, Word, Excel, Gmail and Chrome!
    • All six languages for the audio stories of Learning Values with Lucy and Wiz: English, Arabic, Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilokano and Hiligaynon!
    • Three additional bonus apps for kids, so now nine in total!
    • An HDMI adapter so you can easily connect your Eltee Pad to the TV screen using a standard HDMI cable!
    • A charger so you can start using the Eltee Pad right out of the box!
    • Improved quality of the charging cables, making it more durable!
  • Improved and more user-friendly packaging:
    • Learning Time signature slipcases for better protection and organization of the books
    • A zipper pouch to keep all 30 DVDs and CDs safe and in one place
    • A sturdier box to keep the 300 flashcards safe and in one place
    • Improved packaging of the Eltee Pad: separate box for the accessories, more protection for the Eltee Pad

Please review the product page to read about all the benefits and components of the program, download a product leaflet to share with family and friends or see the feedback from parents using the program!

The management and product development teams of Learning Time work very closely with the distributors and sales teams, and even makes customer calls/visits to know first-hand what’s working and what’s not. We produce small quantities, compromising on our margins, so we can implement improvements faster, and always deliver top-class products to our customers.

[Click on these thumbnails to see bigger images. We have intentionally used low-res images for faster downloads.] BBL leaflet   More apps2 BBL levels  Eltee Pad1  Eltee Pad2  Bonus Apps  More Apps1  HDMI adapter

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