Free Updates and New Content for Learning Time Eltee Pad users!

Eltee Pad Updates

Learning Time launched Eltee Pad exactly a year ago with the super-enhanced A+ Program. During just one year, the Eltee Pad has gone through three rounds of updates. The major enhancements include:

Improved Hardware:

  • CPU upgraded from Dual Core to 1.2GHz Quad-Core for faster processing!
  • Operating system upgraded to Android 4.4!
  • Improved front and back camera!
  • Bluetooth connectivity added!

Additional Accessories:

  • HDMI convertor added to help connect Eltee Pad to your TV monitor!
  • DC charging cable and plug added, as an option other than the USB cable!
  • Improved USB charging cable!

New Content:

  • Time to Learn: 25 quiz questions added for each book, so now there are 50 questions per book and a total of 750 questions!
  • Learning Values with Lucy & Wiz: New languages added regularly, and now stories can be heard in seven languages!
  • Bonus Apps: We started with five bonus apps and now there are nine!
  • Utility Apps: A whole suite of utility apps has been added, including Word, Excel, PDF Reader and Gmail.

And here’s the best part: All the updates are absolutely free for all existing customers! And downloading updates is as easy as 1-2-3. When connected to wifi you will see the update notification; say ‘yes’ to update; done! For any questions or issues regarding your Eltee Pad, please write to us using this link.

Eltee Pad comes with audio, video and games from all the components of the A+ Program. In case you haven’t seen this awesome program from Learning Time, please request a free presentation now.

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  1. Aroulen

    Hi Mush,
    Really appreciate the great work you and your team are doing.

    Keep it up.
    Aroulen (Mauritius)


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