“Go for it, its worth the investment”, an emphatic endorsement from a parent in Ghana

Our son is now around 20 months old. We had purchased the Learning Time A+ Program for him when he was around 4 months old. We were in fact, looking for some early learning stuff for him when we were approached by the Learning Time representative.

His favorite component is the Time for English with Lucy, Wiz and Ziggy. He loves the stories in it, and reading the books to him makes him connect with the videos; especially the songs. He just can’t wait for the next episode.

He is now able to identify many objects, mentions words on the flashcards fluently, and most importantly, loves numbers now.

The A+ program comes with lots of interactive stuff; videos, flashcards, puzzles, activities, etc. The audio learning device, the Eltee Pen brings pictures to life, and he just loves the songs, sounds, and trivia information.

Overall, it encourages him to learn through play and practice; and he just loves it. Its helping him develop many essential learning skills while having a great time.

Go for it. Its worth the investment!

~ Sylvia & Alexander Agboada | Ghana | Consultant: Luke Newman

23 Responses to ““Go for it, its worth the investment”, an emphatic endorsement from a parent in Ghana”

  1. Waseem Qureshi

    The Learning Time A+ program is continuing to excel in helping families with early learning aids.

    • Jose Sabas,Jr.

      The Learning Time A+ program is the most powerful tool for learning in today’s kids..

  2. Furqan ullah khan

    Learning Time A+ program helps children to develop new vocabulary & knowledge.

  3. Rebecca Adjirackor

    The best foundation any parent can ever give a child, It’s indeed worth the investment.

  4. Helen Darko

    Learning time fantastic tool for your kids both in school and at home…
    A first class talent developer for your kid
    Parents please contact us for more details 0243082429

  5. Kweku

    The A+ program from Learning Time is the best educational material that builds the right foundation for a child. Wanna grow your child to excel, think LEARNING TIME.

  6. Ketaki

    The best tool ever to give the best start to a child in the early years! Parents and kids everywhere love it!

  7. Olawunmi Yusuf

    Stuff like this can’t be made up, the A+ program is the best thing that can happen to an intentional parent.

  8. Bernard

    Learning Time A+ Program a sure foundation and a complete program for your kids success in life

  9. Yvonne Sablah Bosrotsyi

    If you want your child to excel in school and in life in general, LEARNING TIME IS YOUR BEST CHOICE. The ELTEE pen makes learning more fun for children giving you less stress and more joy as a parent.

  10. Aditi

    The A+ program is a boon which I have come across that helps both parents and children as a wholesome mental food!

  11. Aditi Shah

    The A+ plus program is a boon for both kids and parents. Must have Learning time.

  12. Shalini Monteiro

    The A+ program of Learning Time has helped parents to discover the different talents of their children which otherwise would have been unnoticed. Every child must have access to this program!


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