“I can see the positive results of Learning Time program in just three weeks”, says a mother from Indonesia!

Dewi talks about Learning Time

Dewi is a mother of three children: Athallah aged 3.5, and twins Altaf and Altan aged 1.5 years. She started using Discover English with Ben & Bella very regularly and systematically, as soon as she bought in in January 2016. Within three weeks, Dewi shared with us how Athallah learned a lot of new words and felt confident to start daily conversations in English, and how the twins started recognising words/pictures from the flashcards. She also provided us two video clips of the twins, and said:

Through the simple method of talk-and-read, which I did regularly with my children, I can see the amazing results in just three weeks! Learning Time is not just an excellent program, it is very easy to use and provides effective guide for parents on how to make the best of it.

-Dewi, Indonesia.



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