“I haven’t seen anything better than the Learning Time A+ Program in 34 years!”


We recently reported about more than 500 Day Care Centers and Kindergartens in the Philippines who are now using the Learning Time A+ Program as the main resource material in the classrooms for developing the essential awareness, abilities and attitudes. Today we had the honor of visiting one of the City Budget Officers who was instrumental in making this happen. Mrs. Flocerfida Babida has been responsible for all important purchases in the Paranaque City for more than 34 years. Here’s what she said:

IMG_5674During the last 34 years I have seen all kinds of educational material but nothing came even close to the Learning Time program. First I bought one for my grandson who is only eight months, and saw how interesting and engaging the program is. He loves the books and the Eltee Pen, and can already recognize many animals and their sounds! We have received positive feedback from many kindergartens, and are happy to know that thousands of children are now benefiting from this wonderful program!

Then she invited us to visit a nearby Kindergarten so we could talk to the teachers and kids ourselves. What we saw made our day: a group of 3-4 year olds were sitting on the floor of the classroom, each with a different book from Learning Time A+ Program. The teacher, Ms. Mary Ann, said:

We do ‘browsing’ sessions to get them interested, then reading and story-telling sessions. Kids love these books and the sounds of the Eltee Pen. The stories in local languages are also very popular and they want to hear them again and again! Both teachers and kids love the Learning Time program!

No wonder so many people associated with early learning products want to be part of Learning Time. Check out the opportunities Learning Time offers worldwide!

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5 Responses to ““I haven’t seen anything better than the Learning Time A+ Program in 34 years!””

  1. Waseem Alam Qureshi

    Very inspiring to see kids enjoying books and having a great time. Kudos to the teachers and the school too for taking the initiative and the efforts to inculcate the reading habit in the young minds.

  2. Manny es

    Such a heartwarming and beautiful experience indeed to see kids no more than 4 yrs old totally engrossed in browsing through our Learningtime books!

  3. Joseph Abraham

    Feeling very proud to be a part of the whole team and the opportunity to promote the A+ program.


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