“Impressed with the completeness of the program”, says a doctor from Oman.

I work with the Al Hayat Hospital in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. Had the opportunity of seeing the A+ program demonstration. I was impressed with the completeness and overall utility of the program for kids. We decided to go for it, and let our kid have the stuff.

After going through it thoroughly, and understanding the utility of the program, we can now say with authority that it’s a complete fruitful off-curricular activity that any child can, and should have. It enables parents to spend valuable time with their kids to teach, and learn too!

The LT program gives a direction to get started and move ahead with the kids’ learning. It’s a great roadmap for any learning kid. As they say, the beauty of learning is that one should go beyond text books. It is only then that kids come off with flying colors.

So, go grab the Learning Time A+ program; spend time with your kids, and see them fly. This is definitely for all parents!

~Dr. Dhramendra | Oman | Consultant: Nisanth

2 Responses to ““Impressed with the completeness of the program”, says a doctor from Oman.”

  1. Waseem Qureshi

    A very well researched and thorough study of the A+ program! And, a thumping endorsement of Learning Time!


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