“It’s amazing how fast our son is learning English from Ben & Bella!”

Learning Time Testimonial

We are thrilled to hear this from another user of Learning Time products, from Mauritius:

It was always our dream to make our son Mubeen bilingual. So we have bought a number of books and material for him, but the program from Learning Time is surely the best. Discover English with Ben & Bella has got Mobeen really interested and passionate to learn. He loves watching the DVDs and reading the books. When I am looking for activities to do with him, the flashcards come in very handy. In just a few months time, he has started using English words in his daily life. We have been very impressed about the way he describes objects in English whenever we go out. It’s amazing how fast Mubeen is learning English from Ben & Bella! We are now looking forward to starting the CD-ROM games from Ben & Bella in a couple of weeks.

-Mrs. Naghma Ramjan, Mauritius. May 2015

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