“Learning Time A+ Program is great value for money!” says a dad from Philippines

Albert from Philippines talks about Learning Time A+ ProgramI don’t easily spend on what I feel will not benefit my whole family. When I heard about this program, I said to myself, it’s just a waste of money as you can get any information you want through the internet for free. But when they introduced and explained to me thoroughly, I was enlightened and I decided to buy the A+ program. And I quickly realised this is a great value for money and a very good investment, not only for my only daughter but also for my succeeding children (hopefully).

The A+ Program is not only great for pre-schoolers, it can also be used by pre-teens. I will use this to help my child learn more and enhance her learning capabilities. Lastly, I can use this tool as a bonding time with my child – instead of always going out and spending on recreation. We can play and read the books together, which will make both of us happy. Thanks to Learning Time for this great opportunity!

-Albert Baluyot and Zarah Baluyot, Philippines.

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