“Learning Time A+ Program was the best gift we could give Aparna on her first birthday!” A parent from India just told us.

Soumya Hariharan talks about Learning Time A+ Program

In my personal experience, Learning Time is actually fun time with the kids! The books are very thoughtfully designed. Discover English with Ben and Bella is very age-appropriate, and helps my  daughter relate to all the places that Ben and Bella go to, like airport, super market etc. Learning Values with Lucy and Wiz, and the Eltee Pen have got her really interested in reading, stories and helping her to develop good values. The flashcards are teaching her new vocabulary; she has learnt new colors like grey and maroon. It has become her daily routine to read or play with different parts of the program! And we get an opportunity to spend quality time with her. This was the best gift we could give Aparna on her first birthday – something that will stay with her for a very long time!

~Soumya Hariharan | India | Consultant: Sagareeka Das

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