Learning Time celebrated and honored the Champions of 2018 in an action-packed five-day event in Egypt.

The distributors and sales teams of Learning Time are the core to the continuing success and march of the organization. They go hand in hand with the aim of developing and marketing world-class products, and providing excellent customer service.

The annual Learning Time Olympics is when the achievers, distributors and corporate teams get together to recognize, brainstorm and plan, bond, compete in team activities, and have lots of fun.

This year it was a five-day affair, with the first two days in Cairo recognizing the champions and distributors, and then 3 days on the Nile, cruising and letting the hair down. 42 people from Oman, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Mauritius, Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt and Ghana got together for this fun-filled journey.

Some of the highlights were:

  • Recognition of the champions and key personnel!
  • Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor!
  • Soaking in history at Aswan High dam, Philae temple, Edfu temple, etc!
  • Sneak peek into products enhancements, and marketing plans!
  • Reaffirmation of the market expansion plans!

Learning Time takes pride in helping children excel in school and in life through the A+ program, and in providing part-time and full-time work opportunities.

14 Responses to “Learning Time celebrated and honored the Champions of 2018 in an action-packed five-day event in Egypt.”

  1. mush

    So happy to see the continued success of Learning Time in so many countries… and another successful event to recognize the distributors and sales teams! Way to go, LT 🙂

  2. Loretta Ati

    Amazing 5 days speak of the Awards night, cruise and the other fun-filled experiences. I wouldn’t miss the next one??. Thank you Learning Time

  3. Senthil

    Very progressive yet relaxing event. Fun and frolic everytime, everywhere… Will surely be a part of my memory for a long time to come…

  4. Yvonne Bosrotsyi

    It was an amazing and unforgettable experience. The cruise was breathe taking. Getting to know the rich Egyptian history. So happy to be part of this great family. Thank you Lt

  5. Ketaki Shankar

    Egypt was a marvelous experience!! Every conference is unique and this was unusually different with the scenic beauty of Nile, the pyramids, the history, the laughter, the grand awards night, and the special LT people made it an experience of a lifetime! So blessed to be a part of such a wonderful family!

  6. Vandana Loll

    What a wonderful event! LT remains the best team ever. Happy to be part of the family. Egypt has been so much fun n will remain memorable. Eager to meet the enthusiastic team in Kenya next year!

  7. Patience

    It was such an amazing time of experience filled with fun and laughter. So proud to have walked on the land that I have read about in books and watched in movies. Thank you LT!

  8. Zoher Kapadia

    LT as usual, always aims to up the ante for the annual conference to be a super hit event in every aspect! And to that effect, it has always succeeded. Way to go LT and all the best for LTO’2020!


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