Learning Time Celebrates 20 Years of Helping Children Excel!

20th Anniversary poster (A3)

Motivate Educational Supplies (MES) is the parent/legal entity that owns the Learning Time division/brand, and today it completes 20 years of existence! Here’s a brief history of the company, that we are very proud of…

  • 1996: Three young entrepreneurs formed MES as a direct-selling company to sell Grolier and Kingfisher products in the Middle East!
  • 2000: MES became the distributor for Time Life products for the UAE, expanded into six countries over the next ten years, and became one of the top three distributors across Asia Pacific!
  • 2010: Motivate Marketing started publishing its own early learning products under the brand Learning Time, started selling successfully in India, and later in parts of Africa.
  • 2013: Learning Time embarked on a new vision and launched its ‘global strategy’:
    • To become the biggest and the best developer and marketer of early learning products in Asia and Africa
    • To have active presence in 25 countries by 2020
    • To integrate the latest in digital publishing in our products and online marketing into our direct sales model

And some of our modest achievements since the launch of the global strategy:

  • Already launched in 18 countries: Bahrain, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sultanate of Oman, United Arab Emirates and Zambia. 14 of these are currently active and growing!
  • The Learning Time A+ Program is now the only early learning package that a) is fully integrated with a talking pen (Eltee Pen) and a Kids’ Tablet (Eltee Pad), b) comes with free access to an Online Portal and c) comes with a customized bookshelf!
  • One of the components of the A+ Program was a finalist in the REVERE Awards 2015 by American Association of Publishers!

Thanks to our distributors, consultants, associates and customers for their support… and here’s to another successful 20 years of helping children excel!

One Response to “Learning Time Celebrates 20 Years of Helping Children Excel!”

  1. Waseem Qureshi

    Congratulations, and good wishes to Learning Time.
    Many such anniversaries to come. The LT bandwagon cruises along!


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