Learning Time launch in Pakistan, with ‘A Better Chance’

Learning Time Pakistan team


Salima and Jahangir Sachwani

A Better Chancethe authorised distributor for Pakistan, was formed by a dynamic couple, Jahangir Sachwani and Salima Sachwani, especially for the distribution of Learning Time products in Pakistan. Jahangir has an extensive background in training, marketing and business development, while Salima is a trained early educationist with 12 years of teaching experience. Salima has been selling other early learning products for fives years and has been one of the top sales consultants and team leaders of Pakistan! Her passion for providing the best educational products to parents attracted her to Learning Time.

A Better Chance has the special support of Mush Panjwani as a business consultant and shareholder. Mush has been a successful sales trainer and motivational speaker for over 28 years, and has helped build successful distributors and sales teams in 20 countries across Asia Pacific!

Abbas Husain recommends Learning Time programThe first endorsement for Learning Time products in Pakistan came from Mr. Abbas Husain, the director of Teacher’s Development Centre:

Imagine a world where parents do not know all, where children have access to more knowledge, faster. Imagine gadgets being in the reach of very young children. Imagine parents feeling totally helpless before this avalanche of videos, pictures, news, factoids coming at them 24/7, from an ever-increasing diversity of sources.

Now imagine a set of books, toys and a tablet that makes sense of it all. That offers knowledge in a thematic and colorful manner. That perfectly matches what the child seeks to know and needs to know. The Learning Times A+ Program is that set! You are making the best decision in having this set for your children… because it is so useful to yourself!”

A Better Chance is also a proud supporter of The Citizen Foundation. TCF is one of Pakistan’s leading non-profit organizations in the field of formal education. As of 2015, TCF has established 1060 purpose-built school units nationwide with an enrolment of 165,000 under-privileged students!

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  1. Asif Azeem

    It seems lots of efforts have been put in and too many experts were involved in preparing & designing the complete learning materials for kids of different ages… good job!


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