Learning Time Launched in Egypt!

Learning Time Launch in Egypt

Samir Mekhtich is a young entrepreneur who founded Zoom Press about six year ago to market educational products in Cairo. Since then they have expanded into Alexandria and added many new products to their catalogue, but they knew something was still missing. Then Samir met us at an international book fair and immediately fell in love with our A+ Program! And that meeting culminated today with the launch of Learning Time at his Cairo office. Eight new consultants finished the 4-day training, a few hours ago, with one of our best trainers and directors, Shad Ebrahim. The team is excited about introducing the fantastic A+ Program to parents in Cairo, and can’t wait to bring them to Alexandria too!

When Learning Time launched its ‘global strategy’ in 2013, one of the goals was ‘to have active presence in 25 countries before 2020‘! We have already launched in 17 countries (Bahrain, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mauritius, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sultanate of Oman, United Arab Emirates and Zambia) and 14 of them are active and growing! The reasons for such phenomenal growth:

  1. Excellent products that are developed during recent years for today’s kids. Our product has won one of the most prestigious REVERE Award by the Association of American Publishers (we are not even an American Publisher)!
  2. Low cost of our lean and efficient organization means lower prices for our distributors and affordable prices for parents!
  3. A passionate team that believes in the future of books and the power of direct selling!
  4. Our strategic presence in UAE and Hong Kong helps cover all of Asia and Africa, and the global rights to our own products means we can reach out anywhere in the world. Next stop (country #18), Nigeria!
  5. Our distributors are young, ambitious and passionate about early learning; our sales teams are competent and well-trained; our customer service standards are sky-high!
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