Learning Time Launched in Nigeria (country #18)!

Learning Time launch in Nigeria

Yes, we just reported the launch of Learning Time in Egypt a few days ago and now Nigeria! This is country #18 from the 25 we have promised ourselves before 2020.

Margaret Obukohwo Omgbu (aka Meg) has been a businesswoman for over 20 years, involved in fashion, confectionaries and provisions. She is currently an Education Officer in the Ministry of Education, with years of experience as a high-school teacher. She is responsible for the curriculum of government and private schools. Meg believes the only way to improve the quality of education is through focus on early learning and building a strong foundation in the critical years. And that’s what she loves most about Learning Time products! Meg is passionate about expanding the business beyond Lagos and all over Africa.

A team of ten new consultants went through our rigorous selection process and just completed their training with one of our best trainers from UAE, Ketaki Shankar. They are fully prepared to introduce parents in Lagos to the fantastic A+ Program, and start changing lives!

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One Response to “Learning Time Launched in Nigeria (country #18)!”

  1. Margaret

    Hi to all

    Everything is set in Nigeria after having a fabulous Ketaki’s training with energized team

    Guys are all ready started with two A+ and giving a great feedback a big thanks to all Lt team and to Ketaki and Mital for great job


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