Learning Time Launches a Super-Enhanced A+ Program!

Learning Time A+ Program

What’s new?

  • The Eltee Pad. It’s your child’s first tablet computer that comes fully loaded with educational content. It also provides most of the audio, video and game contents of the A+ Program, plus bonus apps, wifi connectivity, Internet browser, camera, calendar, alarm, calculator and more! The Eltee Pad is now a part of the A+ program.
  • Learning Values with Lucy & Wiz. A brand-new series of 15 stories, graded by age, that builds the right attitudes, introduces cultures of the world and provides great resources for successful parenting. The Eltee Pen helps listen to the stories in six different languages, and more languages are being added!
  • New Time for Math. This already-popular math program has been further enhanced with a new more child-friendly look and the addition of two new components: a beautiful abacus that works with all six levels and a 50-piece jigsaw puzzle. All the CD-ROMs, board games, flash cards and other supplementary material are now packed in a sturdy Eltee Math Kit box!
  • New Eltee Pen. This comes with enhanced packaging, improved sound quality, longer power cable, and a more comprehensive User Manual!

The A+ Program has already been launched in 8 countries, with attractive pricing, easy monthly payments and new gift offers! And it’s coming soon to the rest of the world. Stay tuned for more information about all the components of the A+ Program.

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    I’m so interested to be part of you. How much can can I buy for my sample.

    Thank you.

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    Irene Kgamane

    Irene Khamane


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