Learning Time Offers Free Parenting Sessions to Customers!

Laerning Time Parenting Sessions

Learning Time has successfully implemented this new customer service program across all its offices in India and the Middle East! When a parent invests in the Learning Time program, they not only get excellent products at reasonable prices but also free participation at our monthly Parenting Sessions. The objectives of these sessions are:

  • Learning useful and practical tips on different areas of parenting, including early learning, skills development and behavior
  • Familiarizing with the different components of the Learning Time program and how to get most value out of each
  • Sharing of feedback on products and services

These sessions are conducted by our own experts, usually last for about 90 minutes and are totally free of cost for customers! Here’s some feedback from the session in Bangalore last week:

The Parenting Session has helped me to learn how easy and important it is for our family to have good clean wholesome fun together. This will help me lay a strong foundation for her entire life and both my husband and I are very satisfied and happy.” (Premalatha)

In the Parenting Session the presenter’s passion and deep understanding of the product was very inspirational.” (Narayanaswamy)

Thank you for the Parenting Session which taught us how to read stories, engage kids positively in various activities, to create curiosity…” (Chandra)

These free parenting sessions are coming soon to the rest of the Learning Time world. One more reason to invest in the A+ Program!

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