Learning Time Online Portal – another impressive addition to the A+ Program!

Learning Time Online Portal User GuideLearning Time A+ Program now comes with a free 5-year subscription to two of the best online portals available for parents and kids – Baby Champs and Early Champs. These portals are part of the Accelerated Learning Systems by Colin Rose. The objective of the portals is to help you nurture a happy and well-rounded child. A child with a keen, exploring mind and with the skills to succeed in the 21st century:

  • A child who develops early reading, writing and numeracy skills.
  • A child with a rich vocabulary, with memory skills and the ability to concentrate.
  • A child who is developing and has pleasure in using all his or her five senses.
  • A child who is acquiring a solid foundation for self-confidence, creativity, logical thinking, and responsibility

What you get with your A+ Program is a comprehensive User Guide for the Online Portal, and a membership card (as shown in the picture) with your user name and password. The subscription is not for sale, and only available with the complete A+ Program. Request a free presentation of the A+ Program, and let one our consultants explain the benefits and investment plans, with no obligation.

Learning Time Online Portal

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