Learning Values with Lucy & Wiz

Help your child build the right attitudes and an appreciation for cultures of the world through these amazing stories graded by age!

Happy familyKey Benefits of Lifetime Values:

  • Teaches children good behavior, builds character and helps them become good human beings
  • Enhances emotional intelligence, helping children understand how their actions affect others
  • Introduces children to countries and gives them an appreciation for cultures of the world
  • Improves imagination through fantastic stories and wonderful narration
  • Sharpens listening skills; helps with correct pronunciation
  • Introduces useful vocabulary; provides an opportunity for language learning
  • Develops a love for real books and stories at an early age
  • Encourages quality time with children; strengthens parent-child bonding
  • Helps parents make their child happier, healthier, smarter and a better human being

[Learning Values with Lucy and Wiz was named a finalist for the REVERE Awards 2015! Click here to read more]

It consists of:

  • 15 beautiful, multi-lingual, graded-by-age, storybooks that entertain, educate and teach important values
  • Eltee Pen**, the audio learning device, plays all the stories with amazing dramatization and music to get children totally engaged. Eleven languages are available, more are being added
  • A User Guide to help you make the best of all the components of the program.

Useful links:

  • Request a free presentation, without any obligations whatsoever
  • Download a 2-page leaflet of Learning Values with Lucy and Wiz
  • Download a 16-page catalogue of Learning Values with Lucy and Wiz with sample pages
  • Review some of the testimonials from existing users

Listen to Tu Whitoo Tu Whitoo, the first book of the series about kindness and overcoming your fears


**The Eltee Pen comes with Time to Learn and works with Learning Values with Lucy and Wiz too!