“My 3-year old got a lot more out of the Learning Time A+ Program than we had expected” says a father from Dubai!

Mikay Mojica talks about Learning Time A+ Program

My son Santi had just turned three when we got the Learning Time A+ Program for him. Being a book-lover myself, I didn’t hesitate to buy it despite the high investment. I wasn’t sure if my son was too young for that many books, but I wanted him to appreciate the magic of books.

Surprisingly, my son got a lot more than what I had expected. Discover English with Ben & Bella became his early favorite, through which he was able to recognize uncommon objects and associate them in our daily living. The Dictionary from Time to Learn helped him with the correct pronunciation of words. Later he was able to explore different worlds through Learning Values with Lucy and Wiz. It was a very proud moment when we heard our 3-year old talk about pandas of China or the Mount Fiji of Japan!

Of course, this was only possible with our efforts and involvement. That’s where the two parenting books, Learning Fundamentals helped! As a parent, it helped me understand the learning process of children, and what activities they can do at their age. It also helps us ensure that while Santi is learning, he is also happy.

So far, I have been extremely satisfied with our purchase of the Learning Time A+ Program. It’s a great start for the bonding and learning activities between parents and children.

-Mikay Mojica Balayo, United Arab Emirates

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