My 6 years old son had reading difficulties, but is now perfect at it”, reveals a proud parent in Ghana


Happened to see the ad of Learning Time on the WhatsApp status of a learning consultant in Volta, Ghana. I made some enquiries and invited her home to see the dem.
We purchased the Learning Time A+ Program in August 2020, and have been amazed at the efficacy of the materials.
My 6 years old son had reading difficulties, but is now perfect at it. Amazing!
My 2 years old daughter Carlin, speaks fluent English just by watching the Time for English videos, and has developed a love for books too.
I find the Time for English videos most effective. My kids love them, they watch and mimic everything that Lucy, Wiz and Ziggy do.
One day, returning from work, my daughter said in perfect English, “Hello, my name is Carlin”. I was amazed. Probing further, I found out that she had learned this herself from Time for English. No one had taught her. This is truly magic!
Many of our friends and neighbors have been similarly impressed and have asked about it.
I tell them all to have a look at the A+ Program from Learning Time.
That’s my advice to all parents having young kids. You owe it to your children. Give them the best that you can.

Rev. & Mrs. Amevo
Ho, Volta Region, Ghana

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