New from Learning Time: “Quotes to Start the Day”!

Quotes to Start the Day from Learning Time

Inspire your child to become great!

  • 55 inspiring quotes on 36 topics e.g. ambition, character, courage, enthusiasm, failure, persistence, possibilities, reading, risk-taking, sacrifice, self-respect, temper, trustworthiness…
  • Detailed guide and activities for parents and teachers to help children engage with an important idea, challenge them to relate to their own lives and reflect upon their experiences…
  • Every quote provides a brief introduction of the person who said it, including Walt Disney, Henry Ford, JK Rowling, Bruce Lee, Michael Jordan, Franklin Roosevelt, Mark Twain, Helen Keller…

This product is one of the ‘customer gifts’ from Learning Time. That means it’s only available as a free gift with the A+ Program, and not for sale. Request a free presentation of the A+ Program and find out about the current offers by your local distributor.

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