One of the best gifts for a new-born baby: Learning Time A+ Program!

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4-month old baby Shanzey, pretending to read ‘Learning Values with Lucy & Wiz’. Full story in a separate blog post.

We asked our customers and consultants: Why is Learning Time A+ Program the best gift for a new-born baby? And here are some of the best responses in the first 24 hours:

  • Even prenates can hear and feel in the womb. Now imagine when they are newly born. The mind of the baby is like a sponge. It is going to absorb whatever you put into it… (Vandana, Mauritius)
  • Because the first 2000 days of a child’s life are very crucial to their development and provide the foundation to future success! (Enerlan, Sharjah)
  • Babies are born learning. They learn through play, exploration of the environment, and through interactions with parents. Learning to read and write doesn’t start in kindergarten or first grade. It begins at birth through everyday interactions, such as sharing books, telling stories, singing songs and playing together. What better tool than the A+ Program to help do all the above. (Waseem, Sharjah)
  • The A+ Program stimulates and helps the development of all learning skills of a baby. It make it so easy for parents to achieve the learning development of the child. (Khaled, Cairo)
  • As we are aware that learning begins in the womb, it is best that A+ is started when the child is born as both the parent and the child get a head start in developing learning pathways in the child’s brain… (Ketaki, Dubai)
  • Learning Time A+ Program for BabiesUsually people think that a baby is too young to learn anything. But actually they learn better and faster than us. The only difference is they can’t speak yet… (Madiha, Karachi)
  • A+ is the best gift you can give newborn babies because it prepares them at a very early age when they are able to learn and retain as much information as you expose them to… (Christine, Manila)
  • It’s the best gift because soooo many things to be learned mentally, and actual activities applicable to young ones for better learning. (Sylvia, Manila)
  • Infant’s brain has around 100 billion active brain cells and about 200 trillion nerve cell connections (synapses). These connections need experiences and stimulation… (Candasamy, Mauritius)
  • A+ Program is the best gift because it will prepare a child to face the world! (Shad, Bangalore)
  • Experts are calling for more to be done to make the most of the “lightbulb” years, when toddlers’ brains are developing rapidly. A+ Program is the best brain-feed for a new born baby. A system which helps in developing multiple intelligences and a great tool for parents at home to spend quality time with their kids. (Kanchan, Dubai)
  • A+ Program is the best gift because it helps parents explore their children’s interest and tailor learning accordingly and create a career path for them. (Nana, Ghana)
  • The A+ Program stimulates and helps in the development of learning skills of the new born babies through fun-filled activities administered by their parents. It promotes the love of learning both for the parent and the baby. And it fosters positive parent-child relationship. (Sarah, Dubai)
  • Where can you find a conceptualised program which will develop Awareness, Abilities and Attitude right from birth! (Noel, Doha)
  • A+ program is the best gift because it covers all the educational needs for a small child; it develops the sharing between the parents and the kids as they spend more time playing and learning through fun; it helps create a balance between technology and traditional learning tools. (Raghda, Cairo)
  • Babies love Learning Time A+ ProgramSince the formative years are before a child enters the school, the A+Program becomes a wonderful resource for the parents to nurture their children right from birth. It helps the parents to go step by step, as the child responds, recognizes, identifies and correlates. (Sagareeka, Mumbai)
  • The best gift parents can give their child is good education and their time. Learning Time A+ Program is the best gift for a baby because it provides all the learning tools, and also helps create a bond between parents and a child. (Salima, Karachi)
  • A+ Program is the best gift for a new born baby because it provides the experiences to develops nerve connections and to build foundation for thinking, language, attitude, aptitudes and others characteristics through fun (which is brain’s favorite way of learning)! (Ema, Bandung)
  • A+ Program is the best gift for a new born baby as it lays a solid foundation for his/her holistic development, helping the child to excel and preparing him/her for a successful and prosperous future. (Sanjay, Mauritius)

Please feel free to share through comments any other reasons you think Learning Time A+ Program is the best gift for new-born babies.

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