“Our 2-year old considers Ben & Bella her best friends!”

Sahana Kumari

We are so happy that our products are making such a positive difference in so many lives in so many countries around the world! Another parent from India just shared her wonderful feedback with us, after using the program for six months:

We are so happy and grateful that we got to know about the Learning Time program; it’s the best thing that has happened to our little girl. We bought this when she was a year and a half, and she was hooked on to it from day one! It’s been six months now and she’s already learnt so much from the books, flashcards, CDs and even the board games. She considers Ben & Bella her best friends who are always entertaining her and teaching her new things. We are happy to see the love she has developed for books; she refuses to sleep unless we read with her. Learning Time has really made learning so interesting and fun for our daughter. Wish we had something like this we were growing up.

-Sahana Kumari, Bangalore (India). February 2015

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