“Thanks to Learning Time, my daughter has become interested in reading and learning again!”

Has your child lost interest in books, reading or learning? Too involved in gadgets? Learning Time may be the answer, due to its interactive books designed for today’s kids. They talk and sing to your child. See what one of the parents from Sharjah has to say about this:

Learning Time testimonial

“We bought the entire Learning Time package, and are so happy to see the difference in our child. She had almost lost interest in reading and learning, but these books got her interested and engaged like never before!

“The beautiful design and creative content helps her to understand things easily. She gets excited to read and explore from every book that she picks up. Above all, the Eltee Pen is an icing on the cake, and works wonders in getting my daughter totally engaged in the program. I recommend it highly to develop interest in any child at an early age. Our entire family is loving and enjoying Learning Time!”

-Neha and Gaurav, Sharjah (UAE). April 2014

If you haven’t seen it yet, you may request a free presentation in over 20 cities in Asia and Africa.

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