“The Eltee Pad from Learning Time provides my daughter with so much learning in such fun way!”

Jayasree with Learning TimeMy four-and-a-half-year old daughter wasn’t interested in reading or writing, so I was looking for options that would make learning interesting for her. Then I went to an exhibition and saw Learning Time display. Within a minute I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. Even though my husband wasn’t so keen, I agreed to a home presentation – something that I will never regret in my life! When the consultant explained how children learn through Learning Time products, I was very impressed. I placed the order and waited with joy for the products to get home!

Jayasree always fiddled with our tablet and never really learnt anything from it. But now Eltee Pad provides her with so much learning in such fun way! The Eltee Pen that reads and talks amazes her and she loves listening to Lucy and Wiz with curiosity! Ben and Bella have also become her favourite characters; she watches them on DVDs and her Eltee Pad; she sings and dances with them! Due to these excellent products, designed for her age, she is involved in all sorts of positive learning experiences! And of course, we are so happy that our daughter has found the joy of reading and learning. Learning Time is doing such a wonderful job, and I have been recommending to all young parents. Keep spreading learning in this special way. All the best to the Learning Time team!

-Paramita Das, Bangalore (India). February 2015

Jayasree with Eltee Pad Jayasree

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