“The Learning Time A+ program has helped improve the vocabulary of my daughters tremendously”, reveals a proud parent in Ghana.

I have two kids, 5 and 8 years old. We got the Learning Time A+ program for them in June 2018. Going through the presentation, my husband and I realized that we have not done enough yet to stimulate the brain cells of our kids. We immediately took the call to start immediately, and not lose any more time.
Our favorite part of the program is the awareness series, 
Time to Learn. The unique features of the books provide detailed information to the kids in their language and level of understanding, and make them understand well.
My girls use the program almost daily. Because of the unique presentation of facts and the program, they don’t get bored at all. The reading, the board games, flash cards, pronunciations, spelling, videos, math games; all keep them engrossed.
The program has helped the girls improve their vocabulary tremendously. My 5 year old daughter is excellent at story telling now because of the stories she has read and heard in Time for English and Learning Values with Lucy and Wiz. Both the girls have developed an interest in math due to the unique way of teaching in Time for Math. They are also adept at computer skills now. They are a step ahead in school now.
The elder daughter is now more interested in things around her now. The awareness series has initiated her into quizzing in a big way. They are skillful in arts and crafts. The Art and Craft and Fun Things To Do have encouraged them to try and do things on their own.
The Learning Time A+ program is truly unique, and a boon for parents. The activities help develop the seven intelligences; helping harness their individual potentials.

Its definitely an investment in the kids worth making. I will wholeheartedly encourage parents conscious of their kids’ needs, to invest in it. The benefits far outweigh the cost. I truly wish I had come across it earlier.

-Irene Padi/ Ghana/ consultant: Kweku

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  1. Waseem Qureshi

    This is awesome. So many families with young kids benefiting from the Learning Time A+ program!


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