The new “Time for Math” from Learning Time!

Time for Math has been one of our top-selling products ever since it was developed and launched about three years ago. It’s a very interactive 6-level program that includes course books, activity books, CD-ROMs, songs book/CD, board games and pair cards! The program helps develop a strong foundation in math at an early age. And we have just made it even better. What’s new?

  • A new, more child-friendly and modern design makes the program even more irresistible to kids!
  • The addition of a beautiful baby abacus that works with all six levels of the program and further enhances the understanding of numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division!
  • The addition of a 50-piece jigsaw puzzle to help develop logical thinking, problem solving and motor skills!
  • The Eltee Math Kit is a sturdy colourful box to keep all the supplementary material safe and in one place!
  • A fully updated and more comprehensive User Guide to help you make the best of all the components of the program!

Time for Math is clearly the most comprehensive, interactive and modern math program available for today’s kids! You may read more about all the components, features and benefits here.

Books of Time for MathJigsaw Puzzle of Time for MathBaby Abacus of Time for MathUser Guide of Time for Math

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