Time for English with Lucy, Wiz and Ziggy

Help your child learn English and 20 essential skills!

It’s the only English learning program that…

  • Combines books, audio, video and apps to engage today’s kids!
  • Provides the audio reading of books, and subtitles of videos in 7 different languages!
  • Builds 20 essential skills through the independent activity books!
  • Has been put together by experts in early learning, animation, publishing and apps!
  • Can be started with a newborn baby!


It consists of…

  • 11 videos that capture children’s imagination and immerse them into real life situations, teaching them how to listen, talk, sing and dance. And a bonus Baby video too.
  • 10 talking storybooks develop reading, comprehension and grammar, and help with vocabulary, pronunciation and listening skills, with the help of the Eltee Pen.
  • App with 30 games reinforce language skills through play and practice, and develop digital skills.
  • 8 independent activity books to help children develop additional skills while reinforcing language skills.
  • 180 flashcards in 9 categories introduce new vocabulary, picture recognition and more parent-child quality time.
  • More than 75 talking flashcards 2 board games introduce Phonics to children in an engaging and fun way.
  • A soft toy brings Ziggy to life – Ziggy is the smart bird that’s learning English from Lucy and Wiz.
  • A detailed 16-page User Guide helps parents or teachers make the most of all the components.


Useful links:

  • Request a free presentation, without any obligations whatsoever
  • Preview a single-page leaflet of Time for English
  • Download a 24-page catalogue with sample pages of Time for English
  • Review testimonials from existing users of the A+ Program


Important note: Time for English with Lucy, Wiz and Ziggy has not been launched in all markets yet; please check with your local distributor for availability. Distribution rights open worldwide, except for the markets where we have active distributors and sales teams! Email enquiries here.