“We are so happy about the investment we made in the Learning Time program!”

We are so grateful to Mrs. Thombare for providing such a detailed feedback for the benefit of other parents:

Dipti & Prutha

As first-time parents we were always searching the market for material that would help in Prutha’s development, and only Learning Time seemed like the most complete program. So we gifted it to Prutha on her first birthday, despite some concerns about the utility, effectiveness and the cost. We received excellent training on how to use the product and useful parenting tips from our consultant!

We have been using the Complete Educational Program for almost six months now. And we are so happy to see our daughter distinguish alphabets from numbers, recognizing animals, identifying transport, being eager to listen to bedtime stories, learning manners like saying please and thank you… at this early age of 18 months!

The interactive books are developing her vocabulary; the animated videos are encouraging her to learn and increasing her attention span; the CD-ROMs are helping develop computer skills; the activity books and board games are improving her motor skills…

We are so happy about the investment we made in the Learning Time program!

-Dipti Thombare. Bangalore (India). March 2014

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