We are very happy and satisfied with the effect of the Learning Time

‘We are very happy and satisfied with the effect of the Learning Time A+ Program on our son, Ahmad”, declare gushing  Lebanese parents in Kuwait.


We are really very happy and satisfied with the influence the Learning Time A+ program on our sone Ahmad, who is now 2 years old.
We had bought the products when he was just 10 months old. The trait of holding the book, and observing the drawings, recognizing the shapes and colors
was very effective. And above all, he enjoyed it!
He used to watch the videos for hours, and started recognizing and identifying the characters Lucy, Wiz and Ziggy. He simply loved the songs.
We started the Eltee Pen with him after his first year. Now its his constant friend and companion. He takes it around everywhere.
The big collection of vocabulary flashcards in the Time for English series has helped him tremendously broaden his vocabulary, and even memorize 
spellings of some words.
We are now looking forward to introduce him to the other components of the program; especially the General knowledge and Science series, Time to Learn.
I personally am learning so much new stuff from it everyday.
Name: Wael Ahmad Awada
Child’s name: Ahmad
Country: Kuwait
Consultant: Furqan

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