What do Indian parents love most about Learning Time products?


India parents talk about Learning Time program

We asked many of our customers in India, ‘What do you love most about Learning Time products?’ The responses were no surprise, but it was wonderful to see how different parents and kids are getting so many different benefits from the program. Following are some of the responses; more will follow…

Learning Time has helped us spend more quality time with our twins. They have developed an interest in reading, activities, workbooks and videos. They have started relating to objects and places they read about. It has helped channel their energies toward learning new things, and we know this is just the beginning!  -Mr. Tushar and Mrs. Sarika Mawale, Mumbai

Learning Time program is a great combination of print and digital so it’s easier to engage today’s kids. My elder son asks a lot of questions and now I love answering them through Time to Learn. My younger son is more fond of stories so bedtime stories has now become an easier ritual with the values series!  -Mr. Ananth Reddy, Bangalore

My daughters are 3 and 9, and they both love Learning Time! My younger one is learning new words from the flashcards and language from Ben & Bella videos and the Eltee Pad. My elder one loves reading the books with the Eltee Pen and improving her language and vocabulary!  -Mrs. Poornima Rajagopalan, Mumbai

Raniya loves Learning Time because it has music, animation and dancing, and also because it’s very easy for her to use. There is such a variety of material to engage her. She loves Ben and Bella in particular!  -Mr. Najeeb Shariff, Bangalore

India parents talk about Learning Time products  India parents talk about Learning Time A+ program  Indian parents talk about Learning Time products


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