What’s so special about ‘Time to Learn’ by Learning Time?

Time to Learn by Learning Time

Time to Learn is the newest product from Learning Time, and probably the most modern question-answer series for today’s children anywhere in the world!

It consists of:

  • 15 full-color, talking, question-answer books providing essential awareness to your child
  • Eltee Pen, the audio learning device, that helps listen to over 7000 amazing sounds, including 60 beautiful songs and rhymes!
  • A Master Index to easily find any information that you or your child is looking for!
  • A talking Children’s Dictionary with over 1500 words and 15 thematic spreads!
  • A Children’s Atlas introducing your child to the wonderful world, and full national anthems of many countries!

Additional benefits for your child include:

  • Developing a love for ‘real’ books at an early age
  • Encouraging the habit of reading and looking for answers
  • Learning that there is always an answer, and sometimes more than one answer, to every question
  • Creating awareness of the world around them
  • Sharpening listening skills
  • Teaching correct pronunciation
  • Expanding attention spans
  • Introducing essential vocabulary
  • Providing an opportunity for language learning
  • Learning the use of alphabetical dictionary and index
  • An early introduction to world geography
  • Special bonding time with the parents

Coming soon to a distributor near you! Please feel free to contact us and register your interest.

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  1. trick_riel1012@yahoo.com

    Hi..im interested in youre learning plan pls,..how much the cost of all..

    Jonathan (doha)


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