Why did a 5-time World Champion Manager move to Learning Time?

Toni and Ema

Ema and Toni, with their daughter, Anjeli

Ema Hermawati has been successfully selling early learning products for over 10 years. During this time, she also built a team of up to 75 consultants – one of the biggest and the best in the direct sales of early learning products in Asia! Ema achieved fame, recognition, trips and a number of awards, including the Asia Champion Unit Manager for 2 years and Asia Champion District Manager for 3 years in a row! The above average income allowed her to significantly improve the quality of her family’s life, and the flexible hours made it possible for her to continue to be an active mom.

Everything was perfect… until she realized that the products she had been proudly selling were not the best in early learning any more – something much better had been developed by Learning Time! And so she decided not just to be a part of Learning Time whenever it comes to Indonesia but to launch and build it herself. She set up a company with her husband, who willingly gave up his own business to support Ema’s vision and passion. It was a huge step beyond their comfort zone, but they both knew that’s exactly where history is made!

On 5th September 2015 (yesterday) Ema and Toni launched Learning Time from their new office in Bandung. Instead of inviting everyone from her huge existing team, Ema started with ten new consultants. “I want them to choose for themselves”, she said. About Learning Time, she says:

“The products are more modern, more interactive, more integrated, easier to teach, and also more affordable! The company is made up of people who understand direct sales and early learning, and they continue to innovate the products. The training is world-class and the support is exceptional. We will make it big in Indonesia.”

Check out the company webpage here, Ema’s video message here, and some photos of the launch/training below:

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