Another educationist just endorsed Learning Time products!

Nooruddin Merhant endorses Learning TimeMr. Nooruddin Merchant has been involved in education, learning and development in Pakistan for over 20 years. He has helped integrate technology and library resources to improve the learning process for both teachers and students, in rural and urban schools. Currently, Mr. Merchant is a Senior Associate for Library and Educational Programs at Habib University. We requested him to review the A+ Program and provide his comments, and here’s what we got…

Time To Learn focuses on the 21st century learning needs. It provides students a historical perspective of different inventions, everyday tools, technologies and takes them through their application in modern times. Every child likes to ask “Why” questions, and a lot of their questions could be responded through Time to Learn.

Discover English With Ben & Bella helps English language learning through a very interactive and inviting way. The combination of print with audio visual and interactive learning resources including music, dance and singalong provides avenue for learning with fun.

Time for Math offers all the practical tools and activities to grab complex mathematical concepts and their application. It will help develop a strong foundation in math concepts.

The best way to develop values in children is through stories. So Learning Values With Lucy & Wiz offers a dynamic collection of stories and tales from around the world.  The set offers parents an opportunity to build reflective mindset and connects them to universal moral values. Overall, this learning package beautifully integrates learning theories like Multiple Intelligence and Constructivism to help children become lifelong learners!

Learning Time products are now available in Pakistan through A Better Chance. For more information, please request a free presentation and a free parenting booklet.

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